Over the years, we have developed an in depth understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges in terms of energy efficiencies, reporting and costs. Our tailored solutions focus on daily tasks, together with an overall total energy management blueprint to achieve the best possible overall performance and desired outcomes.

Our reviews and management cover every aspect of an organisations energy usage from procurement and invoice management through to technical services and reporting.

The flexibility we provide allows you to access professional energy management advice in a cost effective manner when you want, while your own team remain focused on your core business.

Our proprietary software system gives you easy on-line access to all of your energy data for monitoring, planning and forecasting. Find out more about e-smart here.

Services We Offer

Data Management

Smart Power provides utility invoice verification, payment services and a streamlined administration process for clients.

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Energy Procurement

Smart Power provides tendering and pricing analysis services to help you purchase energy at the best available price.

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Demand Side

Energy audits are our specialty. We can help identify opportunities to increase your energy efficiency and save you money.

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Renewable Energy

Smart Power brings our expert knowledge in renewable energy to help you assess generation opportunities.

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Sustainability / Carbon Reporting

Smart Power can guide you through the capture and measurement of emissions against a standard.

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Total Energy Management

Smart Power can take care of your total energy management needs with our extensive range of energy management services.

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