Energy Procurement

Purchasing energy has emerged as a specialised field in an increasingly complex market.  Smart Power are at the forefront of the energy industry, procuring more than $2 Billion in energy for the commercial and industrial markets in New Zealand and Australia.

Smart Power provides tendering and pricing analysis services to help you secure the best available energy price. We use site-specific, ‘time-of-use’ energy profiles to determine the best rate for each site. We will produce an analysis report detailing the costs and savings associated with each supplier or rate. This will give you enough information to understand our recommendations and make your own decisions.

For very large users we also offer a portfolio management service to enable effective, independent hedge management.

To maximise value to our clients we provide the option of an on-going contract management service – reviewing contracts for optimum timing for renewal and ensuring that contract energy rates are correctly applied as well as optimising network charges.

“Dealing with multiple retailers and networks was taking too much time so we engaged Smart Power to handle our energy contracts. It saved us time, hassle and best of all we pay less for the power” TIMG

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