Energy Strategy

At Smart Power, we’ve been providing Energy Management Services for over 27 years. Our advisors are equipped with knowledge and experience gained from having a background in the electricity supply sector. We understand the technologies required to generate energy, and most importantly, we understand the markets they work within and use this to provide our clients with advice on energy strategy and procurement. 

Our advisors can help you to assess the generation opportunity that will work best for your business. This could range from small-scale behind the meter initiatives such as hydro or solar energy, to contracting for portions of large-scale solutions via mechanisms such as Purchase Power Agreement (PPA). These projects tend to be long-term (10 plus years), so it’s important to evaluate them against the market environment that likely occurs over the same time frames. 

Behind the meter refers to the generation of on-site energy and includes solutions such as roof-top solar panels. The use of these methods has resulted in surplus power being available at times. Until recently, excess power has needed to be sold back to the grid at significantly lower rates than purchase prices. 

However, recent developments in peer-to-peer trading allows consumers to take advantage of other users who produce more energy than they require. For companies, this can create opportunities to trade to other stakeholders, which could include suppliers, employees or customers. 

Smart Power brings our expert knowledge in these areas and can assist companies looking to set up peer-to-peer trading. 

Energy Strategy Services: 

Data Analytics

Data analytics is just one of our specialties. We transform data into meaningful information that can be easily understood by our clients. This can include anything from working out the cost of procurement, or quantifying the benefits from energy saving initiatives - it’s information you can trust. 

As procuring energy becomes increasingly more complex, so does comparing retail offers from energy companies. Smart Power will assist you in securing the right contract for your business, which can reduce your energy costs and reduce the headache that comes with completing your own energy comparison. 

Smart Power can assist you with identifying opportunities for making demand-side savings. By focusing on either demand management or energy efficiency, our accredited engineers can measure the potential advantages for your business and then assist you with implementation. 

More and more frequently, we’re seeing businesses expressing interest in the potential of generating their own power. This allows them to supply surplus to other stakeholders, such as energy suppliers or employees. Smart Power can advise you on these schemes, and assist you with getting them off the ground. 

Generation Source
From solar energy to fossil fuels, Smart Power can provide you with advice on the ins and outs of generation options. We’ll also help you with contracting for supply from large-scale generators.

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