Energy Invoice Management

Smart Power offers clients throughout Australia and New Zealand a comprehensive range of energy invoice management services that are designed to handle all administrational duties associated with your electricity bill, so that you can focus on running your business.  

Having your invoices managed gives you assurance that you’re always being charged the correct amount, receiving discounts for prompt payments, and that any disputes with energy companies are handled effectively on your behalf. 

Our services can also assist you during some of the most stressful times. We act as a central point by coordinating with energy companies to arrange power supply to new sites and closing redundant accounts when you’re relocating. We’ll also alert you of any notifications that we received regarding your energy efficiency or planned outages. 

Our Energy Invoice Management Services and Sustainability Reporting Services

Account Management

At Smart Power, our account management process includes managing the relationships between retailers and clients, without standing between the two. Instead, the relationship between all three parties can be seen as triangular with each pulling their weight. As a result, the retailers are happy to work with us to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

One of our experienced Account Managers will take complete care of your portfolio and liaise with suppliers and stakeholders. Their expertise guarantees a streamlined administration process by: 

  • Processing all correspondence and queries from energy companies
  • Dealing directly with your supplier to resolve any issues that may arise
  • Managing site switches, setting up and closing accounts with your suppliers
  • Processing planned outages and restoring power in the event of an unplanned outage
  • Supporting the new connection process 
  • Answering staff queries and supporting reporting requirements

Accurate Data Management

Over our 27 years of operation, at Smart Power we have gained considerable experience in providing energy and utility data management services to our clients. On a monthly basis, we process and verify over 20,000 invoices and pay the accounts on behalf of a large number of our clients. Once accounts have been paid, we directly upload electronic files into the accounts and property management systems for our clients to view.

We also use a sophisticated database which allows us to capture the historical data of your electricity bill and usage and communicate with your supplier if need be. This enables us to record information that’s relevant for your monthly invoices, and monitor your energy usage and invoice transactions for any abnormalities. 


Our comprehensive verification services ensure:

  • Accurate energy prices
  • Accurate network charges
  • Accurate meter readings and invoice dates
  • Regular actual reads rather than estimates
  • Discounts for prompt payments


  • Efficient and cost-effective service
  • No incorrect payments
  • No “catch-up” invoices
  • Issues are identified and resolved quickly with minimal cost


For our clients with electricity hedging arrangements, we will:

  • Verify the hedge settlement against spot market prices
  • Allocate cost against affected accounts
  • Create a single electronic upload for your finance system


  • Hedge invoices are verified prior to payment
  • Hedge settlements can be allocated on a site-by-site basis

Payment - Streamline the AP Process

At Smart Power, we will produce an electronic invoice summary file that’s customised to suit your needs. Clients are able to use the electronic file to pay off their utility bill themselves, or we can pay your suppliers directly. This significantly saves time and money with administration duties and reconciling multiple sites within your portfolio. 


  • Accurate management of the accounts payable process
  • Invoices are paid on time to secure discounts
  • Savings on administration costs
  • Avoid chasing, reconciling and paying monthly invoices

End-to-End Invoice Management Features and Benefits

  • Minimises the risks of overpayment
  • Saves your staff’s time and reduces administration costs
  • Receive expert support and advice on industry reforms
  • A fixed fee service is available
  • Streamlines finance, property, energy and sustainability portfolios

What Our Clients Say:

“Energy is our number one operating cost and our confidence to manage and control that cost was very low. We approached Smart Power...with two specific goals - to reduce our energy management cost and our energy prices... We now have the same confidence in our energy portfolio as we do in our 56 treatment plans.” - Nathan Epp, Senior Engineer, Energy & Commercial Projects

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