Energy Audits

Energy audits are our speciality. By documenting onsite electricity usage, we’re able to provide our clients with practical recommendations to help save energy and reduce their variable energy costs by 10-20 percent. When requesting an audit, clients receive a personalised energy assessment which includes an extensive cost-benefit analysis that calculates the cost of implementation and also shows the projected annual savings. 

Gaining a clear picture of usage on your site reveals areas which can be improved, and helps lead your business to increased energy efficiency and potential savings. This can assist with combating the costs associated with the forever-rising energy prices, and can be beneficial if you’ve been considering upgrades to your premises such as to your lighting or your HVAC. 

When you opt for an energy audit, you’ll receive an assessment that’s tailored entirely to suit your company’s needs which also complies with industry standards. Our accredited auditors boast extensive experience in commercial, industrial, dairy farming and statutory authority sectors and specialise in energy saving. They can even implement their recommendations on your behalf, which allows you to save energy and from a cost perspective. Recommendations could include strategies such as maximising energy use when rates are low, or scheduling to help reduce the charges acquired during periods of peak demand.

You may also be eligible for funding for your energy assessment through various government schemes. We’re experts in applying for relevant funding and can assist you in gaining access to it where possible.


  • Tailored audits to reduce costs and increase energy saving
  • Potential 10-20% kWh savings
  • Project management of audit recommendations
  • Assistance in identifying eligibility for government funding 
  • Receive independent advice from auditors with extensive experience
  • Improved NABERS rating

What Our Clients say

“We’ve used Smart Power for several years now and found them to be proactive in communicating savings opportunities” - Westpac
“We’ve successfully reduced our on-going energy cost by 30% utilising Smart Power” - ANZ

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