A Higher Emissions Target will Cost More

Even before the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) gets signed off we are already seeing debate around whether a higher emissions target will increase the price of power or not. Some are saying that the price of power would be lower with a higher emissions target. It is difficult to see the logic in their argument. (more…)

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Presenting on “Internalising Energy” at VicWater’s Future State of Efficiencies Conference

Last week our Australian GM, Rod Boyte, presented to an audience of Directors and senior managers of Victorian Water Corporations on the increasing importance of energy due to sweeping environmental, social, and business trends, including: (more…)

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The Catch 22 of Australia’s Future Electricity Pricing

Light Globe

Most of the electricity debate in recent times has been about security of supply; will the power be available when you want to switch on your air conditioning during a 40 degree day this summer, and subsequent summers? While it’s a good conversation to have (more…)

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The Australian Electricity Conundrum

Today we are transitioning to a renewable tomorrow. Renewables, largely being wind and solar, generate when nature provides the source of the power, not when people want it to be there. So unless we have storage (and lots of it) we will not have the power available (more…)

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Dr Finkel’s Review of the Security of the National Electricity Market at the Energy Futures Seminar

Smart Power attended this highly informative seminar last night sponsored by the Melbourne Energy Institute and The Grattan Institute.

Dr Alan Finkel provided an overview of the Review while Audrey Zibelman (more…)

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Rod Boyte Presents at the 2017 Future State of Electricity Conference

This visionary event organised by VicWater – the peak industry association for water corporations in Victoria – brought together leaders from the new and traditional energy industry to provide their thoughts as to where the electricity industry is heading and how this might impact on the Water industry. (more…)

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Australian Energy Climate Change Policy Impacts

At the start of a new year it is timely to look back over the last couple of years and view how energy policy has impacted on energy pricing, and how it might change going forward. (more…)

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