How Smart Power NZ helped Eden Park score a better deal

Our colleagues over in New Zealand recently helped their most iconic sporting facility, Eden Park, score a better deal.

Eden Park is a big energy consumer, with catering companies and sports associations among the tenants it serves. And that’s before you even factor in the cost of switching on those massive floodlights.

Working with Energy Select (the procurement brand operating under the Smart Power NZ umbrella), Eden Park Trust was able to restructure its electricity and gas contracts to control costs during a time of steeply rising energy prices.

The Trust received 12 proposals from energy providers, each one offering a different combination of terms, rates, prices and options. In other words, it was impossible to compare apples with apples. Expert analysis was required.

“We got Energy Select to distil all the proposals into a report our team could use to make a decision,” says Brett Winstanley. “It’s an extremely complicated market, and companies need expert guidance to avoid expensive mistakes. We needed to understand what was going on in the market and which contracts would work best for all parts of our business.
“It was about translating all the data and relating it to a complex environment, so we could make the most informed decision.”

Read the full article over at the Smart Power NZ.

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