Aiming for sustainability? We can help

As you know, measurement enables management. So if you want to start decarbonising your operations, the first step is to set up measurement and reporting systems.

Smart Power uses the NGER national greenhouse and energy reporting guidelines to meet the requirements of the NGER Act in Australia. Emission factors are loaded into our system. So any utility recorded by us automatically has its greenhouse gas emission calculated.

For most clients, this will be electricity and gas on a monthly basis. Other utilities can also be loaded, such as petrol, flights, taxis, coal, wood, waste water and refrigerants. Some clients give us these annually, and these are then input so reports can be provided. Other utilities can be input monthly as well, depending on how regularly the client wishes to monitor total emissions.

If you are required to report your emissions to the regulator, data from our system can be entered directly into the Emission and Energy Reporting System (EERS) portal, saving you time. This also enables cross checks of the data by ensuring that carbon reports from EERS match the carbon reports generated by our system.

Smart Power have staff trained in assisting organisations meet their NGER obligations. This can be a complex exercise as it requires the organisational boundaries to be agreed. A base year must be established with systems ensuring the accurate collection and accounting for all the emissions. A detailed report can then be provided with breakdowns of the emissions.

The key to success here is to improve the collection process so that the following year it is a much simpler piece of work.  

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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